Re: automake/conf examples

> If you could be a little more specific about what you are exactly
> looking for, it might be easier to answer this question.

Ok, here's some specifics:
I'm using glade-2/libglade for interface.  I've got a main window, some
sub dialogs, and some sub windows.  When I looked at a couple packages,
the interface stuff was in src/dialogs/, but they all seemed to be
dialogs.  Since the main window is not a dialog, I currently have it in
src/.  Is this ok, and should the sub windows be in src/ or
Also, I want to make sure that the package is setup properly for
translation.  Is po only for interface, and intl for command line?  Do I
need to include glade's translatable string output in po or should I
include the glade file instead?
Most of the stuff in my's and has been copied
from other package's, such as installing gconf schemas.  Basically, I
just wanted to know if there's a specific package people tend to use for
examples if you're like me and know almost nothing about autoconf and

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