Re: automake/conf examples

Le lun 14/10/2002 à 16:14, Jacob Perkins a écrit :
> > If you could be a little more specific about what you are exactly
> > looking for, it might be easier to answer this question.
> > 
> Ok, here's some specifics:
> I'm using glade-2/libglade for interface.  I've got a main window, some
> sub dialogs, and some sub windows.  When I looked at a couple packages,
> the interface stuff was in src/dialogs/, but they all seemed to be
> dialogs.  Since the main window is not a dialog, I currently have it in
> src/.  Is this ok, and should the sub windows be in src/ or
> src/dialogs/?

galeon and gnomeicu put their glade files in an ui directory, totem puts
them in a data dir, so you can do as you like :)

> Also, I want to make sure that the package is setup properly for
> translation.  Is po only for interface, and intl for command line?  Do I
> need to include glade's translatable string output in po or should I
> include the glade file instead?

To handle translations with no hassle, just use intltools. And the
README of intltools has extensive examples of what you should put in and in to use it :)

Hope that helps,


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