So startup notification was totally broken (yay me).

I think I've fixed it now, will commit shortly. Involves new
libstartup-notification, new libwnck, new gnome-desktop, new metacity,
and new gnome-panel.

Then we need to go through all .desktop files and:

 If and only if launching this desktop file *always* results in
 sending an "end startup notification" message, add the line
 "StartupNotify=true" to the .desktop file. Otherwise, add
 "StartupNotify=false" so we know we examined the .desktop file.

Currently, any application that a) links to GTK+ 2.1.latest and b)
*always* opens a new GTK window *from the process which the .desktop
file created* will reliably send an "end startup notification"

An example of an app that does not always send the message is
gnome-terminal, because it opens the new window from a different
process than the one the .desktop file created. Thus it won't send the
message and won't work. (I can fix it, but it needs fixing, so right
now StartupNotify=false.) Apps such as gedit and gnumeric may work

Another example might be any app that does not necessarily require
latest GTK. There I'm not sure what to do; StartupNotify=true will
result in "stuck" startup notification when using plain GTK+ 2.0.  For
GNOME desktop components we can likely ignore this because GNOME 2.2
as a whole will require GTK 2.2.

But most apps should qualify for StartupNotify=true.


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