Nice email sent to webmaster [Gnome 2.0 is truly excellent!]

Thanks Luke,

I'm Cc'ing your email to some of our developer lists, where the awesome
hackers who've worked so hard on GNOME will see it. Thanks very much!

- Jeff

<quote who="Luke Waldon">

> To everyone at,
> I just want to congratulate you all for your excellent
> work on Gnome 2.0. I have used linux on and off for
> the past four years and now use it full time. In this
> time I have seen both KDE and Gnome develop. My first
> encounter  with Desktop environments on GNU/Linux were
> KDE 1.0 and Gnome 0.something. At first both scared me
> back to windows.
>  I have watched the evolution of both desktops and in
> my opinion KDE had the lead right up until version
> 2.2. My experience with Gnome  in the past had been
> horrible. Their was no consistency in naming
> conventions, menus were out of date and unorganised
> and applets and programs crashed on a regular basis. 
> I have recently installed RedHat 8.0 and dived head
> first into the unknown, Gnome 2.0. At first I did not
> know what to expect. Was it going to be as horrid as
> its ancestors?
> Absolutely not! It looks as though it has been
> designed from the ground up. True effort has been put
> into everything, icons, themes, fonts, graphical art
> and it is all consistent.Hoorah! Antialiased text is
> truly brilliant and the artwork is spectacular. I am
> now a true convert. Gnome 2.0 is exceptionally fast
> and breathtaking. Unlike KDE, with the advent of
> version 3.0 has become bloated, unresponsive and
> painfully slow. 
> To everyone who contributed to this project you have
> truly outdone yourselves. Keep up the excellent work
> in bringing elegance to Linux but whatever you do,
> don't let Gnome 2.0 become outdated or bloated. The
> new naming conventions such as 'Text Editor'and
> 'Calculator' are far better for the everyday user than
> the old ones such as 'Gedit','Glines',etc. This new
> system allow users to focus on what has to be done
> rather than in which tool it is done.
> Regards
> Luke Waldon

     GDK (acronym): GNU's Not Unix Image Manipulation Program Tool-Kit      

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