Re: Right Click the same as Ctrl+LeftClick??? [Re: Commit: Dragging images around works (sort-of) (fwd)]

A few things -

> > Deliberately breaking stuff would not start as a good idea.
> unless it really is the best thing to do in the long run.

Depends.  Do we need a keyboard ? We can talk to the machine no ? There is 
a time and place for ideas.

> > > I believe that in general the ordinary user is confused by the concept of
> > > right click.

Back this statement up.  Personally, I believe the only people who get 
confused by the concept of right-click are some of the Mac users, period.
Look at the mouse with two buttons.  Why would a user be confused by 
right-click and *not* by left-click ? I myself am very confused how people 
can keep using the Mac and blindly never complain about the lack of more 
than one mouse button ;)

Now think about why a mouse has at most *three* buttons aligned side by 
side.  That's because we have nice terms like left, right and middle.  
We're not going to be saying "left middle" and "right middle" anytime 
soon.  So, anything from one button to three buttons is usable in 
documentation and so on.

>  Frankley 'Middle Click' and copying by selecting confuses
> > > the crap out of me because I have used Mac and PC's for years (but only
> > > relatively recently have i started using Unix like systems).

I'd be surprised if there weren't other things confusing the crap out of 
you more. Like, I don't know, directory layout or general stability.

> If i am wrong i would like to know authoratively and then once and for all
> and i will stop suggesting this concept

I think the onus of proof is more on yourself.  I'm not saying this is a 
totally wrong idea, I'm saying you're just *thinking* about something that 
you think is better, but a change like this really needs more behind it 
than "I'll check when I have some time how Excel does it on the Mac".

Bottom line for me is - why in heaven's name would ctrl-left click (a 
combination of presses on two different devices, where the combination is
a press-and-hold on the one device and a press on the other) be ANY more 
easy to understand than a "just press the other button on the mouse" ?

> i also regularly misprogram my Vido recorder because there is no error
> checking and i make a total mess of either the 24 hour clock or the date
> (i keep meaning to build my own Digital Video Recorder

I don't know your vcr, but doesn't it have some visual feedback that tells 
you what you're going to record ?



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