Re: Right Click the same as Ctrl+LeftClick??? [Re: Commit: Dragging images around works (sort-of) (fwd)]

<quote who="Alan Horkan">

> consistancey.  differnce is not neccesarily better and giving users the
> option is not always the right anwser.
> while it might cause short term breakage it might be worth it in the long
> run which is part of what i am asking.
> in your opinion it would not be worth the short term breakage and I would
> like to know if that is a generally held opinion.

It would be serious, long-term breakage. Not only with legacy software, but
with non-GTK+ software of many persuasions (kiss KDE and Wine interop
goodbye, too).

Consistency (GTK+ and beyond) is not a problem:

  - LMB: Primary click
  - MMB: Paste
  - RMB: Context click

Recognition of these operations may be an acquired taste, but nuking the
current consistent interface for a different consistent interface [1] is not
worth the pain. If it were substantially better, perhaps.

- Jeff

[1] Which is by no means more efficient or localised anyway - why does it
make sense to use your keyboard to modify the way the mouse works, when you
could just do all of that with your mouse hand? Since Mac OS started having
context menus, many Mac users bought mice with two or more buttons.

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