Re: Right Click the same as Ctrl+LeftClick??? [Re: Commit: Dragging images around works (sort-of) (fwd)]

On Fri, 2002-11-29 at 00:26, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> That means we'd totally knock out ctrl-click for any other use. Plus, we'd
> be ignoring the many existing methods for providing mouse buttons 2 and 3 on
> systems that don't generally have them (on Mac hardware, you use the
> keyboard to emulate them).

How about click and hold? I'm not a Mac person, but I've seen Macs that
do this. And I've seen it on handhelds. It would certianly help the
Tablet situation..

It also has the advantage that it clashes with almost nothing else I can
think of. I suppose there are clashes with dragging, but that can be
fixed the same way the context menus used to be handled.

Tom Insam <tom jerakeen org>

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