Re: Right Click the same as Ctrl+LeftClick??? [Re: Commit: Dragging images around works (sort-of) (fwd)]

<quote who="Alan Horkan">

> > That means we'd totally knock out ctrl-click for any other use. Plus, we'd
> yes, if this is a good idea then this would be very deliberate.

Deliberately breaking stuff would not start as a good idea.

> I believe that in general the ordinary user is confused by the concept of
> right click.  Frankley 'Middle Click' and copying by selecting confuses
> the crap out of me because I have used Mac and PC's for years (but only
> relatively recently have i started using Unix like systems).

It's done differently here, and you can't break software willy-nilly to
change that.

(I don't believe that the presence of multiple mouse buttons is difficult
for a general community of users who are comfortable with VCRs, remote
controls, and buttony microwave ovens. What the buttons do may be confusing,
and perhaps there's a way of fixing some of that, but the buttons themselves
are not. Most Mac users I know have flaming-bum Microsoft mice, as it

- Jeff

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