Re: Default theme for GNOME

On Thu, 2002-11-21 at 22:13, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
> I just added support to gnome-themes/gnome-control-center to view the
> accessibility 'metathemes'.  I'd like to ship GNOME with a nice set of
> metathemes too, including a good default.  Does anyone have any
> suggestions for what the default should be?  Unless we change things, we
> will ship with Atlanta as the default windowmanager (assuming metacity)
> and the standard GTK+ theme with the awful light blue.

Atlanta is a bit of an aquired taste IMHO - metabox or wonderland is the
way to go.

> Here are the current options:
> ============
> Currently, gtk-engines has:
>  * the default look (Raleigh)
>  * Metal
>  * Redmond 95
> Additionally, we install the pixbuf engine w/o any RC files.  We also
> ship a good number of accessibility themes that prolly shouldn't be the
> default look.

I'd love to see lighthouseblue in there - it's the one based on an
article on and is really "usable".

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