Re: New Modules in GNOME 2.2

<quote who="Joe Shaw">

> > I haven't had any problems. You have to run gst-register, and make sure
> > your output sink is correct (capplet on its way), but nothing major.
> Is the former something that can/should be run in a packaging post-install
> script?

Yes (perhaps look at GARNOME, it's dead simple though).

> For the latter, I presume an ESD or OSS output sink as the default is the
> way to go on most Linux systems?

Yes, and I'm assuming the schema will have a fairly sane default to start
with. From memory it can handle fallbacks too, not sure. Dudes? Thomas?

- Jeff

  "If you want to start a debate on a subject, however, all that seems to   
     be necessary is to involve perennial target Richard Gooch." - LWN      

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