Re: the Nautilus context menu


On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Alan Horkan wrote:

> > Ew.  People know what Cut and Paste is.  Going to Pickup and Drop for
> > what is a Cut/Copy and Paste will only confuse users, even throughout
> > the rest of the desktop (i.e., Edit->Copy in menues).
> I agree, this is massively inconsistant. While it might be a good idea,

FWIW, I haven't understood the use of cut/copy/paste in Windows explorer
for the longest time because I just didn't understand what it had to do
with cut/copy/paste as I knew it from word processing.

> You would also totally confuse my mother, who had enough trouble learning
> copy and paste.

You should have learned her drag & drop... ;-P



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