Re: Incessant Horse Flogging.


 Haven't you ever wondered what could be added to the desktop make life
 better for the users? You know, think of something new, instead of waiting
 for someone else to come up with it, and then copy it....Ever had a
 conversation with someone over a cup of joe about something you'de like to
 see that isn't there already? That's what i'm curious about. I can't speak
 for anyone else, but i've had quite a few of these over the years. I feel
 might be interesting to share them, and by the same token, see what other
 people have to share.

 BTW, Iain...Feel free to add something "substantial" to this thread next
 time. I'd honestly like to see it.


 > You have provided nothing substantial
 > Beyond the content of your "Everything you do is boring and unoriginal"
 > rants on /.

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