Re: Fw: Incessant Horse Flogging.

Howdy Christian,

Thanks for the sane reply. I agree with you to some extent---I can see how
throwing a detour sign in the middle of the road would cause the
conversation to rather quickly go off-road.  However, my thought is, the
benefits of tossing around new ideas far outweigh the downsides involved in
thinning the prevailing discussion. Ideas should be explored. If anything,
it may yeild something that makes the task of addressing UI bugs and release
schedules that much easier.  I have one in particular that possibly could.

Better to wait for a chainsaw than to run off and try chopping down a
redwood with a pocket knife.


> If people could take discussions about future UI ideas and concepts to a
> seperate forum such as a seperate new list, I'm sure that's ok with most
> people.
> Christian

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