Re: Fw: Incessant Horse Flogging.

tor 2002-11-14 klockan 02.36 skrev Bowie J. Poag:
>  Whats wrong with proposing a different topic?
> You're a bright guy -- Propose something new!

Bowie, I'm sure Havoc doesn't mind people having ideas. It's probably
just the forums used he objects to -- using the existing devel-list or
usability list for exciting future concepts and creative paradigms is a
lot of excessive traffic that might, and as history shows will,
effectively kill any meaningful discussions about what is most relevant
right now, like getting releases out and discussing UI bugs and problems
in the code that is here right now and will be released soon.

If people could take discussions about future UI ideas and concepts to a
seperate forum such as a seperate new list, I'm sure that's ok with most


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