Visual bell for 2.2?


At last count HP and I had agreed (I think, correct me if I am wrong)
that it would make sense to put visual bell code into Metacity.  

My proposal would be for gconf keys
/desktop/gnome/accessibility/visual-bell (bool) 
                          [provides visual system bell if TRUE]
/desktop/gnome/accessibility/audible-bell (bool) 
                          [suppresses audio bell if FALSE]
/apps/metacity/general/visual-bell-mode (string)
			  [determines style of visual bell,
	                  e.g. "flash-titlebar", "flash-screen"]

And I would suggest implementing the two modes listed above, 

We can think about the UI for this next, perhaps we would
punt the UI 'till 2.4.  At least users who needed visual-bell could
enable it via gconftool in the meantime.

Is this OK for 2.2, if a patch is ready by Nov. 22?



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