Re: Minutes x2 for release team 2002-10-30 and 2002-11-06

> > > 	Such people are fairly few and far between I think, I certainly fall
> > > down in at least, the interest / time stakes.
> > > 
> > 
> > I'd like to help out here if possible. I can't claim mastery of the
> > auto* stuff, but I can fix the easy stuff for now and maybe I'll be
> > inspired to read up on the more complex stuff along the way :-)
> Who actually follows CVS HEAD for all the modules ? Somebody with a
> Tinderbox access would be good. (Ximian ok with letting someone with
> some access to theirs ?)
> In any case, I'd like to put Thomas forward. He's good at build system
> malarkey ;)

Eek.  I suppose that's me then and this is my cue.

Well, yes, I wouldn't mind helping out more on build breakage and stuff, I 
had lots of practice on GStreamer which is fairly complex in it's own 

I also qualify as being European, and I like the scheme that someone 

What's the next step then ?



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