Discussion: 2.2 Proposed Modules List

Hi everyone,

This is a plain list of the proposed modules for 2.2, without any comments
other than a short description and a list of dependencies. The purpose of
this discussion is to work out what is appropriate and achievable for 2.2,
based on a11y, code quality, i18n, maintainership, portability, relevance,
stability and usability.

Some 'bigger' questions will probably come up, such as "what are our aims
for the Desktop release?" and "what are our benchmarks for inclusion?" etc.
Whilst they could be regarded as veering dangerously off-topic, I'll be
documenting these for future reference. Stuff like this is good to keep in

Anyway, to the final proposed modules list (unless I've managed to forget
anything that really was proposed). All of these modules were included in
the 2.1.2 release, available on ftp.gnome.org and mirrors:

  - acme: Daemon and configuration utility for 'special' keys on modern
    multimedia keyboards and notebooks.

  - file-roller: Archive creation, browsing, and unpacking utility.

  - galeon: Web browser. Depends on Mozilla.

  - gcalctool: Scientific calculator. Proposed to replace gnome-calculator.

  - ggv: PDF and PostScript viewer.

  - gnome-icon-theme: Default GNOME icon theme.

  - gnome-media: Not a new module, but noted here because the latest branch
    depends on GStreamer.

  - gnome-themes: Package of default themes for GNOME, including GTK+ and
    icon themes designed for accessibility.

  - gnomemeeting: Video and audio conferencing client based on h323. Depends
    on pwlib and openh323, which are available at gnomemeeting.org.

  - gstreamer/gst-plugins: Multimedia framework libraries.

  - gst-player: Media player. Depends on GStreamer.

  - metacity: Window manager. Proposed to replace Sawfish as default window

  - nautilus-media: Multimedia support for Nautilus, including replacement
    music view and video thumbnailing. Depends on GStreamer.

  - startup-notification: A minimal library that supports the new startup
    notification spec from freedesktop.org.

  - vte: Terminal widget with improved font, internationalisation and
    accessibility support. Designed to replace libzvt.


- Jeff

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   language - the poem - is like trying to drill for oil with a banana."    
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