Re: Gstreamer internationalization status (was Re: Freeze Status -> Not Enough Releases!)

Hello Christian,

> fre 2002-11-01 klockan 18.22 skrev Thomas Vander Stichele:
> > >   gstreamer
> > >   gst-plugins
> > >   gst-player

> Will the gstreamer applications support internationalization? Will they
> be moved to gnome cvs? If any of those two issues aren't resolved yet,
> it might be time for doing so now as soon as possible, and at the latest
> before the gnome 2.2 string freeze, I think.

The only real "end user" application in this bunch is gst-player, which 
does support i18n.  I have to check if it still works as should though ;) 
I know I added it at some point and it worked, but haven't checked 
recently really.

We would of course love for it to get translated.  Is being in gnome's cvs 
a requirement for that ? If it is, we'll discuss it and probably decide to 
move it over - if the people that currently hack on it can get a gnome cvs 
account of course.

I have noticed that glib has translations too - we're not sure it's a good 
idea at this point to translate core warnings or anything, but I guess 
this is one of the many issues we'll have to resolve in preparation of an 
inclusion in gnome 2.2.



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