Re: Gstreamer internationalization status (was Re: Freeze Status -> Not Enough Releases!)

lör 2002-11-02 klockan 13.42 skrev Thomas Vander Stichele:
> > > >   gstreamer
> > > >   gst-plugins
> > > >   gst-player
> > Will the gstreamer applications support internationalization? Will they
> > be moved to gnome cvs? If any of those two issues aren't resolved yet,
> > it might be time for doing so now as soon as possible, and at the latest
> > before the gnome 2.2 string freeze, I think.
> The only real "end user" application in this bunch is gst-player, which 
> does support i18n.  I have to check if it still works as should though ;) 
> I know I added it at some point and it worked, but haven't checked 
> recently really.

Ok. Great!

> We would of course love for it to get translated.  Is being in gnome's cvs 
> a requirement for that ? If it is, we'll discuss it and probably decide to 
> move it over - if the people that currently hack on it can get a gnome cvs 
> account of course.

I would say it's pretty much a requirement. All other core gnome apps
(those that use translations at least) are in gnome cvs, and I expect
that manual pot and po file synchronization with an external cvs would
get pretty messy, especially around deadlines.

Also, in order to catch problems with i18n (and also for string problems
and the ui review), it's probably much more convinient for the existing
teams if the application is in gnome cvs and uses gnome bugzilla.

> I have noticed that glib has translations too - we're not sure it's a good 
> idea at this point to translate core warnings or anything, but I guess 
> this is one of the many issues we'll have to resolve in preparation of an 
> inclusion in gnome 2.2.

Warnings that are intended for the user should IMHO be translated. Even
if this is advanced stuff for advanced users. "Help the user to help
himself first" is the rationale. I know there are other opinions, like
"only the stuff visible in the GUI should be translated". I don't think
this has been sorted out yet.

Anyway, if you are worried about getting bug reports with warnings that
you don't understand and have no possibility to understand, there are
ways to fix that, for example by including error and warning codes in
the error and warning messages. Perhaps something to consider for glib


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