Gstreamer internationalization status (was Re: Freeze Status -> Not Enough Releases!)

fre 2002-11-01 klockan 18.22 skrev Thomas Vander Stichele:
> >   gstreamer
> >   gst-plugins
> >   gst-player
> All three had a "quiet" release last night with some extra Q&A this 
> morning, so they're out the door.  We'll start doing bugfixes for whatever 
> issues pop up in the modules we support from now on, and work towards a 
> better system installation for which we will implore knowledgeable hackers 
> to share experiences about include paths, pc files and lib names Real Soon 
> Now ;)

Will the gstreamer applications support internationalization? Will they
be moved to gnome cvs? If any of those two issues aren't resolved yet,
it might be time for doing so now as soon as possible, and at the latest
before the gnome 2.2 string freeze, I think.


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