gnome-utils 2.1.2 " Full of anchovy essence "

Hey there,

Another developmental snapshot for your salady goodness....
GNOME Calculator 
	* Add Page_Up, Page_Down, Home and End to extra bindings 

GNOME Character Map
	* Fix crasher when selecting font (Glynn)

GNOME Floppy Formatter

	* more HIG-compliant and polished UI (Stef)
	* added a check after spaces for the volume name (Stef)
	* fixed some floppy type check (Stef)
	* fixed the volume name setting (Stef)
	* fixed how the app handles the progress window closure (Stef)
	* a lot of other small fixes (Stef)

GNOME Search Tool

	* Allow window manager to include minimize and maximize buttons
	* Fix up some utf8 conversion problems (Toshi)
	* Move buttons to bottom of the window (Dennis)
	* Minor padding adjustments (Dennis)
	* Fix up size constraint portability (Pasu)
	* Support file sizes greater than 2.0 GB (Pasu)
	* Miscellaneous fixes (Dennis)

	* Fatih & Andras


	* Irene, Pat & Dennis.

				See ya,
					Glynn :)

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