Re: Freeze Status -> Not Enough Releases!

> Hi everyone,
> We have very few releases available for the 2.1.2 snapshot release. This is
> a particularly important release, because it marks the beginning of the
> coarse-grained feature freeze. Thus, all major changes must be checked in
> *and released as tarballs for 2.1.2* to qualify.

>   gstreamer
>   gst-plugins
>   gst-player

All three had a "quiet" release last night with some extra Q&A this 
morning, so they're out the door.  We'll start doing bugfixes for whatever 
issues pop up in the modules we support from now on, and work towards a 
better system installation for which we will implore knowledgeable hackers 
to share experiences about include paths, pc files and lib names Real Soon 
Now ;)

I have a sort-of release of nautilus-media but doing some Q&A on it right 

Please keep bugging us lazy hackers about getting releases out ;)



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