nautilus-media 0.0.2 release


I'm taking advantage of the combined gnome hacker's lull to slip in a new
(less buggy) release of nautilus-media.

You can get the tarball at

What it currently contains:
- gst-thumbnail, a video thumbnail maker
- nautilus-audio-view, an audio view for nautilus
  (+ four test apps of varying complexity, ranging from a command-line
     play app to a bonobo component instantiator, which all helped me
     during debugging and may be helpful to you if you consider making

What it should do well:
- build from source (against gstreamer 0.4.2 and gst-plugins 0.4.2)
- build from spec to rpm
- thumbnail your MPEG videos
- show only wav/ogg/mp3 files in your directory
- look basic

What it will likely do (it does for me):
- play tracks on doubleclick
- have working play/next/prev/stop
- have working time display
- focus follows playing track
- auto skip to next
- gst-thumbnail will commit suicide if it takes too long to make a 

What it might do (and should be fixed)
- lock on some kinds of audio (for example, jdub's crack collection of
  oggs messed up with id3v2 tags.  Yes, people do these things)
- crash without apparent reason (but only on startup - if it makes a 
  sound, it's going to keep going until the next track)
- keep playing even when you quit nautilus
- behave unexpectedly when you drag the seek handle (not implemented yet)

What is planned for the very near future
- seeking
- reintroduction of metadata handling (needs GStreamer cvs atm)
- sample button (play five secs of each track)
- drag and drop
- audio properties

Did I do this release notice right, or should I send it somewhere else as 
well ?

Enjoy & give feedback please


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