Re: gnome-session dialog on crack

Add to this list Standby, and Lock Screen, and you have 5 menu items in the Actions (or GNOME) menu. You *have* to use menus to get to any of these actions.

It would be more convenient to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and get a dialog with six buttons:

[Lock Screen]   [Log Out]    [Suspend]
[Reboot]        [Shut Down]  [Cancel]

This is how this works in Windows 2000, or IceWM. IceWM has a dialog very similar to this one, except it has "Restart IceWM" instead of Suspend. Windows 2000 really has a different dialog:

[Lock Computer]      [Log Off...]    [Shut Down...]
[Change Password...] [Task Manager]  [Cancel]

Pressing Shut Down... button gives you another dialog, where you select from combobox (what an inconvenient way to hide options in a dialog which is the only on screen!) one of Log Off, Shut down, Restart, Suspend options, and then press OK.


OK, so you want to say me that Lock screen and Suspend are non-destructive actions and need not a confirmation dialog. So it may be not a very good idea to mix all them in one dialog.

I liked Rui's idea most of all, it looks reasonable.

I would like the following workflow:

   Lock Screen

Choosing Exit pops up a dialog:

   {Warning}  Exit will close all running programs.
              Are you sure you want to leave desktop?

   [_Shut Down] [_Reboot]      [_Cancel] [[_Log Out]]

Pressing any button does not need confirmation. Because... this *is* confirmation dialog, and has a warning saying what will happen.

Dave Bordoley wrote:
Uggh that would be ugly. I like the idea of just dividing the dialog up
into separate logout, shutdown and reboot dialogs.


On Tue, 2002-05-28 at 09:55, Rui Miguel Silva Seabra wrote:

A probably better solution would be to have 4 buttons:


[ Shutdown ] [ Reboot ]        [ Cancel ] [[ Logout ]]

Note the space between the 2 dangerous buttons...

Suddenly, a potentially 2 click dialog became a one click dialog :)


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