RE: gnome-session dialog on crack

tis 2002-05-21 klockan 19.26 skrev Balamurali Viswanathan:
> In Similar lines when I log out from gnome-2.0 the dialog gives
> three options (*Logout *Shut down *Reboot)
> Followed by three buttons <Help> <Cancel> <Logout>
> Shouldn't be fair to change <logout> to <ok>

I've always disliked this dialog. And the confusion this dialog seems to
create is reason enough to remove it.

I select "Log out" from the menu, and suddenly a dialog appears asking
if I want to shut down my computer. Which I don't want.

Had I wanted to shut down my computer, I would have selected "Shut down"
from the menu, not "Log out". The same with "Reboot".

It would be more intuitive if these three options were on the foot menu,
and the dialog just being a simple "Do you really want to ... ?".

I know this is to late to change now, but logging out is not intimately
connected with shutting down the computer and shouldn't be mixed like



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