Re: transparent terminals in danger!

On Thu, 2002-05-09 at 12:46, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Ian McKellar <ian mckellar org> writes: 
> > Cool, I'll check my thing in somewhere tonight - possibly libgnomeui if
> > nobody complains.
> I complain. ;-) There's no time for that.
> It should be cut-and-paste code for now. Lots of other cut-and-paste
> code is living in "libegg" at the moment.

Okay, I'll make it EggBackgroundMonitor and copy it around.
> > I'm not sure how ready translucent panels will be by the 13th. I'm
> > having to rewrite most of the panel background code right now to make it
> > work right and I'm not sure I can get it 100% tested (there are a *lot*
> > of different panel background permutations) by the 13th. If I can work
> > out cvs branches I'll check it in on a branch though. Or I could check
> > it in and if it sucks too badly we can pull it back out again.
> If it's risky don't put it in. I wasn't super-serious.

I would like to get it in. I'll see over the next few days how its


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