Re: PATCH: panel run dialog redux

iain wrote:

> Really? I disagree.
> I think if there's a label that says "Known applications" and no
> applications listed that the user will think there's no known
> applications and not try clicking the widget. 

Which points to a flaw in the design of expander arrows generally,
IMHO... they don't really look clickable enough. I mean, if we went back
to the Run Program dialog design that had the pushbutton labelled "Known
Applications", you wouldn't think "oh, there aren't any", you'd think
"ah, I have to click this to open a list of Known Applications".  To
some extent, when you introduce a completely new control, people just
have to learn how to use it... things like radio buttons and combo boxes
probably weren't desperately obvious the first time you ran across them

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