Re: PATCH: panel run dialog redux

Frank Worsley wrote:

> Anyway, patch + new widget are attached. Two new screenshots are here:

I'm not familiar with Iain's disclosure widget so I'm just going from
the screenshots-- but can you focus/activate it with the keyboard?  And
is the arrow size themable?  If not, I'm afraid it'll probably have to
go for accessibility reasons... or be fixed, of course* :)  If it's
already keynavigable, can we have a mnemonic on the label please?

Also, I'd suggest just having the label on the disclosure triangle read
"Known Applications" whether the bottom part is closed or open, it saves
things jumping around so much.


* Actually the arrow size thing isn't such a big deal right now as icon
sizes aren't themable yet either, but patches have already been
submitted for that...

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