Re: Changing Yelp to use GtkHtml1 instead of GtkHtml2

sön 2002-05-05 klockan 04.44 skrev D. D. Brierton:

> BUT, as a web developer, I'm used to spitting stuff out in (X)HTML
> Transitional that has just enough stuff in it too make it look
> reasonable in non-CSS or broken-CSS browsers, whilst having style sheets
> available for browsers that understand CSS properly. Couldn't the same
> be done here? I *am* willing to help, but I kinda out of the loop at the
> moment. Is there something I might be able to contribute to the
> stylesheets side of things that would mean we could safely use either

This sounds like a good plan, and with the changes I'm currently making
it will be easy enough to switch between the two widgets. One of the
reasons I think that perhaps the other features are more important than
CSS in this example is that we don't know how well the CSS-stuff in
Gtkhtml2 will work. I know that it's not finished and it's definitely
untested so we don't really know if it will be able to do everything we
want anyway.

  Mikael Hallendal

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