Re: Viewports and gnome 2

Hello Jens,

> Maybe because most people don't take this issue so serious. I really can't
> understand why somebody want to drop a whole desktop because of such minor
> issues.

Agreed. (Personally I've never understood why anyone would prefer
viewports over workspaces, but I regard it as a matter of taste.)

> > To me, the decision reeks of some managerial usability experts (read
> > people who expect everyone to do everything the same way and if you
> > don't like it, you're doing it wrong so conform) deciding that what's

> This is really an attitude I don't like. We are talking about free

Me neither, but for a different reason. This draws a totally wrong picture
of the people in te Gnome Usability Project. I am a little bit involved in
the GUP and Ken, I can assure you that the experts over there would wish
they were in a position to make the "managerial" decisions you allude to.
In reality they often have to fight for every centimeter because (for
instance) a module owner will implement his module the way he likes, no
matter what the usability expert says or how much heated discussion
took place before an issue was decided one way or the other.



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