Re: Viewports and gnome 2

On Thu, 2 May 2002, Ken Witherow wrote:
> Dropping the functionality of viewports was a absolutely huge decision.
> While the mailing list did apparently discuss it, I never saw any
> public surveys on the main gnome web page, slashdot, linux today, etc
> soliciting information from users about what they are actually using, what
> should be dropped or added in gnome 2, etc.

Maybe because most people don't take this issue so serious. I really can't
understand why somebody want to drop a whole desktop because of such minor

> To me, the decision reeks of some managerial usability experts (read
> people who expect everyone to do everything the same way and if you
> don't like it, you're doing it wrong so conform) deciding that what's
> best for new users is best for power users simply because the prevailing
> theory says so. Until gnome 1 style viewports are returned (the absolute
> minimum acceptable means is to have an option to turn it on under
> settings or at worst, through gconf-editor), gnome 2 is simply unusable
> to me and I won't be able to participate in bug reporting, comments,
> etc.

This is really an attitude I don't like. We are talking about free
software here. If you want it, then code it. Just don't say to us we suck
because we didn't implement a feature _you_ want. If you don't want to use
Gnome because of a revamped workspace/viewport concept, then I really
don't care.


 -= =-   -= jens triq net =-

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