Re: [IMP] Latest sources fail to build

Seth Nickell wrote:

But please do remove it from Nautilus, eel, or anywhere else you find it
included. You can just add #include <gnome-vfs.h> instead. It should be
marked as a deprecated header, I guess everyone is allowing deprecated
GnomeVFS stuff though :-/
It might be worth updating all the tests/examples to just include <libgnomevfs/gnome-vfs.h>. I missed this header completely, as I didn't notice anything in the gnome-vfs package itself using it. (I haven't looked too closely at the docs, so can't say yet whether it tells me to do different or not).

People always seem to do some level of cut'n'paste when they start using a library, so it pays to make sure all the demos/examples show them how you would like them to use your library :)


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