Re: [IMP] Latest sources fail to build

Satyajit wrote:

James Henstridge wrote:

Are you sure you are using the gnome-2-0 branch of gnome-vfs?


Yeah I checked it out from the  cvs.  Are you not facing the
problem . May be i have to check again :)
According to the logs, revision 1.67 of gnome-vfs-types.h deletes it. However, the gnome-2-0 and gnome-2-0-0 branches branch off from revision 1.66, so this should not affect you if you have a correct check out of the branch (which is why I don't see the problem). You can tell what branch you are on with the command "cvs status gnome-vfs-types.h".

This does however bring up a binary compatibility issue. If the HEAD branch is supposed to be compatible, surely removing a header file is going to cause source compatibility issues. I suppose this wouldn't be as much of a problem if gnome-vfs had a single header you could include that included all the other needed headers :)


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