Re: [G2R] Bug Update for RC1

On Thu, 2002-06-06 at 04:45, Michael Meeks wrote:

> > Bug 72620 indicates a fair level of brokenness in mime-type handling in
> 	72620 is a panel bug ... I assume you mean 72560,


>  and it doesn't indicate a fair level of brokenness. This is just Jacob
>  resurrecting a moan he had from the switch from GMC -> Nautilus. Then
>  the bug sort of meanders off into another bug due to Mike's
>  mis-understanding, and turns into a control-center bug.

No, it didn't meander because of Mike's misunderstanding; Jody and I had
meandered it some time before :) The only reason it hadn't been
clarified earlier is that I'd been under the impression that it was
broader in scope than it really is.

> 	Someone needs to split those two bugs; 72620 (original) is a bogus
> non-bug, that only affects bug-buddy, and in a totally reparable way.
> The latter half is a control-center bug - and I'm sure Jody will fix it,
> but how can he close it when it's 2 bugs one of which is not worth
> fixing ? :-)

The other one, as I understand it, is already fixed, so for all intents
and purposes we've already re-targeted this bug. Bad practice but I see
no point to open a new bug, given that I'm pretty sure jody and I are on
the same page wrt the current status of the bug. Jody, kick me if I'm
wrong here :)


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