Re: Providing Proxy support for Gdict. Need inputs.


Thanks for your inputs. Pls. look for my inlined comments.


Rui Miguel Silva Seabra wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-06-05 at 06:06, Narayana Pattipati wrote:
> > I am trying to provide Proxy support for Gdict. There are two
> > ways of providing proxy support for this application.
> > a) Provide HTTP proxy support. But the server at port
> >    2628 is not recognising HTTP commands. So http proxy
> >    support is ruled out.
> provides a form where you can POST your queries.
> It shoulod be simple, when using http proxy, to do that http request and
> display the results below, parsed with gtkhtml.
  Do you mean to say that we'll not use dict protocol when communicating
  through http proxy.?? In that case all the dict commands like Define,
  match, show_db, show_strat are passed as http requests to the
  Without the proxy, we'll be using dict protocol(where transactions are
  based) and with proxy we'll use HTTP method for communicating with the
  server. Is it OK to have different communication methods when using a
  and when not using it.??
> > b) The other alternative left is providing SOCKS proxy support.
> > Will the community accept the socksified Gdict code which works
> > only if socks library support is installed(which is not a free
> > software).??
> huh? doesn't gnet (GPL, ie, Free Software) have socks support?
> I think it does, so I wouldn't find it honorable to use a gdict
>  depending on non Free libs.

  Gnet seems to provide some socket support but I am not very sure if
  it gives full SOCKS5 support. Comment at
  SOCKS support is Experimental. So I don't know if we can make use
  of Gnet library instead of socks library for socksification.

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