Re: Providing Proxy support for Gdict. Need inputs.

On Wed, 2002-06-05 at 06:06, Narayana Pattipati wrote:
> I am trying to provide Proxy support for Gdict. There are two
> ways of providing proxy support for this application.
> a) Provide HTTP proxy support. But the server at port
>    2628 is not recognising HTTP commands. So http proxy 
>    support is ruled out. provides a form where you can POST your queries.

It shoulod be simple, when using http proxy, to do that http request and
display the results below, parsed with gtkhtml.

> b) The other alternative left is providing SOCKS proxy support.
>    I can think of two problems with this. One problem is for 
>    socksification, user needs to use socks library, which is not
>    free software. Another problem is many users may not have 
>    access to a SOCKS proxy. 
> If SOCKS proxy is implemented, some users with SOCKS proxy access
> will be benefitted. But they need to have socks library for using
> this feature. 
> Will the community accept the socksified Gdict code which works 
> only if socks library support is installed(which is not a free 
> software).??

huh? doesn't gnet (GPL, ie, Free Software) have socks support?
I think it does, so I wouldn't find it honorable to use a gdict
 depending on non Free libs.

Good luck with a) which is quite feasible.


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