Re: Translation of .schemas files in core modules

<quote who="Christian Rose">

> However, the question remains whether this breaks string freeze and/or
> should be fixed now.
> Regarding the string freeze, it can be argued that these are all just bug
> fixes and not adds new messages per se (it just appears that way to
> translators).

Yeah, to me these are bug fixes. i18n is of great importance during the
stable release process, so we should do what we can to make that happen.

> In any case, my personal opinion is that the fixes for these bugs should
> wait until after this string freeze anyway(*), unless there will be
> additional time given to translators to translate these messages.

Well, this string freeze affects all of 2.0.x. Any fixes that require string
changes must be confirmed by the i18n and release teams. However... I think
that adding messages that were looked over or forgotten is perfectly okay,
as long as the i18n team has time to handle them.

The schemas additions are a pretty big example of this, unfortunately. ;-)

- Jeff

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