GGV 1.99.9

"The Mexican Staring PostScript Previewer of Southern Sri Lanka"

What's new since 1.99.8? This:
- use GnomeVFS for file access (actually a dirty hack, GtkGS still works
  with local files)
- use bonobo file selector with VFS enabled for file selection
- ggv-postscript-viewer installed in libexec (Michael)
- scrolling fixes
- really keep page list in sync with actual page count and the selected
  page, no matter why they change
- handle --geometry command line option
- handle postscript piped to ggv using '-' command line switch
- misc UI rearrangements
- accelerators for zoom item
- fit width toolbar button, image provided by johannes at sipsolutions
  dot de
- reverted the broken Xinerama patch - GGV should now work fine for
  people with sane X servers (some nvidia _insane_ X servers excluded);
  thanks go to christian hammers of debian for help on this one
- a typo or two in schemas file fixed
- updated translations: da (Ole), ru (Dmitry), fi (Pauli),
  sv (Christian), fr (Cristophe), pl (Zbigniew), sl (me), no (Kjartaan)

As I have (yet again) produced some new translatable strings in the
process, translators are invited to translate it and all the others are
very welcome to show off their sw testing abilities...

have fun,


email: jaka gnu org

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