Re: 2.0.1 bug situation, esp. wrt ZVT

Luis Villa <louie ximian com> writes: 
> No, no! zvt will be the community's solution for the 2.0.x series- it's
> just I'm afraid you've been the only person working on it, so when I saw
> no response from you I was afraid no solution was forthcoming. :) If you
> are going to continue to work on it, please don't let my
> misunderstandings of your situation stop you :) 

I should point out, in my opinion it is impossible to fix and
stabilize zvt in the timeframe we have for 2.0.2. Just won't make the
deadline. So if we're fixing zvt, it's either for 2.2, or it's going
to mean making large destabilizing changes post-2.0.2.

There may be some small stopgaps that can go in Zvt in the available
time, but I just don't believe anyone is enough of a badass to fix and
stabilize in that time. I could be proven wrong of course. ;-)

But I'm not sure we should particularly be planning to make the large
Zvt fixes purely for 2.0.x, just isn't realistic.


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