2.0.1 bug situation, esp. wrt ZVT

[ZVT stuff is at the bottom.]

Where we stand on 2.0.1, from where I stand- basically, we've had no
serious, unfixed regressions. Some regressions, yes, and still some
untriaged bugs ;) but nothing that hasn't been fixed. So basically at
any point we can more or less tar everything up and release, which I
think pretty much rules and I hope is a habit we keep going forward :) 

We've also FIXED, by my count, 204 high priority bugs in the last month,
and 460 total GNOME2 bugs. So the rate has slowed a bit but we continue
to make this a very kick ass desktop. 2.0.1 will be yet another Release
To Be Proud Of.(tm) 

Of the ones we specifically targeted in release notes for 2.0.1:

*menu editing still horked, but alex has a gnome-vfs branch that has it
95% working, with a solidly stable/extensible code-base, or so I'm
told. :) So that should land by Monday. [I've even seen it edit menus;
it looks great. :) 

*drag and drop in nautilus list view is nearly done [thanks, Dave!], but
mainly untested. Again, code is done by someone who is very good so it
should be solid, but testing will be good.

*sawfish has not had progress; there is a patch but apparently it
uncovered bugs in libwnck so that may or may not be fixed in time.

*mime types, like nautilus and menu-editing, is mostly fixed, and Jody
has patches for the rest. But they must be landed. Jody is traveling;
it's his first priority when he gets home.

Which gets us to zvt, bug 78007.
*i18n in zvt is still completely horked :/ Hidetoshi has done some hard
work to get it to where it is, but it looks like he's going to be
working on vte instead for the foreseeable future. 

So... I'm sort of at a loss on the zvt issue. In my dream world, someone
does the hard work of breaking up Christiano's patches into a form
that's acceptable to Jacob- I know that won't necessarily be pleasant,
nor necessarily terribly rewarding, but at the moment I'm not sure I see
a better path. Hopefully someone in the affected i18n community can pick
it up and negotiate that route. [Or of course someone could pick up from
Hidetoshi's work and complete it.]

URL for discussion of Cristiano's patch earlier: 

Anyway, we are pretty much inevitably headed down the path of
ass-kicking-ness, with only a few small bumps along the road. Hope that
is good news for everyone as we head into the weekend :) 


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