Re: 2.0.1 bug situation, esp. wrt ZVT

On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 14:12, HideToshi Tajima wrote:
 > If I should stop completely working on libzvt and 78007, this is only after we're officially 
> giving up libzvt and swiching to vte. So, I'd say your above statement which took my leaving 
> from libzvt as a reason to switch to vte is in wrong order;-)
> Having said that, if switching to vte is a official thing now, I'm happy to work
> much more on vte right away and help it ported to Solaris.

No, no! zvt will be the community's solution for the 2.0.x series- it's
just I'm afraid you've been the only person working on it, so when I saw
no response from you I was afraid no solution was forthcoming. :) If you
are going to continue to work on it, please don't let my
misunderstandings of your situation stop you :) 


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