Re: 2.0.1 bug situation, esp. wrt ZVT

Luis Villa wrote:

>Which gets us to zvt, bug 78007.
>*i18n in zvt is still completely horked :/ Hidetoshi has done some hard
>work to get it to where it is, but it looks like he's going to be
>working on vte instead for the foreseeable future. 
>So... I'm sort of at a loss on the zvt issue. In my dream world, someone
>does the hard work of breaking up Christiano's patches into a form
>that's acceptable to Jacob- I know that won't necessarily be pleasant,
>nor necessarily terribly rewarding, but at the moment I'm not sure I see
>a better path. Hopefully someone in the affected i18n community can pick
>it up and negotiate that route. [Or of course someone could pick up from
>Hidetoshi's work and complete it.]
This is not quite right! Actually, I was still looking at zvt i18n - and was about to commit
some change to fix font problem... Indeed, I'm also doing some primary invesigation on
vte - but all what I have do so far is merely intial investigation level work - just complied it, ran it, found a crash, and filed one bugzilla report. That's all.

If I should stop completely working on libzvt and 78007, this is only after we're officially 
giving up libzvt and swiching to vte. So, I'd say your above statement which took my leaving 
from libzvt as a reason to switch to vte is in wrong order;-)

Having said that, if switching to vte is a official thing now, I'm happy to work
much more on vte right away and help it ported to Solaris.


>URL for discussion of Cristiano's patch earlier: 
>Anyway, we are pretty much inevitably headed down the path of
>ass-kicking-ness, with only a few small bumps along the road. Hope that
>is good news for everyone as we head into the weekend :) 
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