Once upon a time I felt in love with gnome. 

But as in most love-story, I wasn't blind enough to forget some little
quirks about my object of desire. 

libzvt was one of them... Using vim under gnome-terminal has always been
a pain, numpad not working, french characters not rendered .... 

I updated g-t from redcarpet today and discovered the wonders of vte ! 

Gnome has always been an exiting desktop and dev plateform. Nothing more
to complain about. 

Thank you all for your wonderful work, I'm happy. 

Each of the contributors make me happier on a daily basis. 
Bugs are being smashed at lightspeed. 
The dev plateform is wonderful. 
The community is one of the best I've ever seen. 
Nautilus is wonderful. 
Evolution is a dream. 
gnome art is terrific (big thanks to Tigert an Jimmac : you make windows
users feel jalous ;) 

Just one more request: Havoc could you please "port" your book to g2 and
emphasize on bonobo. 

THANK YOU ALL, and hail to the GNOME !
CÚdric Marcone
The happiest Gnome user in the universe

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