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Alex Graveley wrote:


So I've been building everything with automake 1.6.1 for a long time
now, and the only packages I can think of off hand that have problems
are audiofile, gstreamer, gst-plugins, monkey-sound, and rhythmbox.
There are however a lot of makefiles that have to be run a few times
because they die on one-time warnings, usually related to variable
I suspect that many of the packages you are building with automake 1.6 will fail to distcheck, so they don't fully work with 1.6. To correctly distcheck, the package needs to:

   * be able to successfully do a builddir build with a read-only srcdir
   * make sure that "make uninstall" removes all files installed with
     "make install"
   * make sure that "make distclean" removes all files in the builddir

In some of my packages, I cheated on the first part for the gtk-doc stuff and added a "chmod u+w $(srcdir)" line in places. For the second, you need to add "uninstall-local" targets that undo what your "install-*local" targets do. For the third, you need to add distclean-local targets that remove extra build files, or add to the CLEAN_FILES variable.


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