Re: Control Center Behavior

On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 12:06:03AM -0500, Seth Nickell wrote:
> > 3. It loads faster.
> On my system the shell version takes about 2 seconds to load, the
> Nautilus version takes slightly less than 2 seconds. Particularly since
> you tried to colour the results of the poll by putting "Before you vote
> don't forget that the shell loads abot 6 or 7 times faster than
> nautilus", I'm concerned about the accuracy of the poll in even
> representing the forum population.

On my system, a mobile p3 at 500Mhz with 192Mb of RAM,
gnome-control-center seemed to take more or less 6 to 7 seconds to
launch, while gnome-control-center --use-shell took about 2 to 3

Not 6 or 7 times, but about 2 to 3 times faster. That's significant!

Both of them were execute from a launcher for each in the gnome-panel,
and I've had about half an hour of work on this laptop today.

Then I rebooted (to make a fair test) and launched them from the command line.

This time, they seemed to take more or less the same time, and just
about two seconds, so the time they took previously could be relate to
other things.

Making sure, I clicked the launchers from the panel, and they now seemed
just about as fast. So there is a problem, but probably not with the
speed of gnome-control-center (be it --use-shell or nautilus).


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