Re: Control Center Behavior

On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 07:06, Seth Nickell wrote:
> > The main reasoning behind prefering the --use-shell version is:
> > 1. It looks better and simpler, and is easier to understand.
> What makes it better or simpler? Why is it easier to understand?
> Specifically, why is it easier to understand a custom interface rather
> than a standard file browsing interface?

i personally agree with mark finlay here, i was often pointed to the
capabilities of nautilus to show the preferences stuff as 'files' in
it's window.

personally i find this confusing myself and i usually switch back to the
menu way of doing preferences changes.

when i get the preferences symbols shown in nautilus then i don't see
subfolders of preferences on the first view (although they are there but
you can't figure them out that quickly. they look different than normal

now when clicking through the items you usually don't know what depth
they have that is how many subfolders they contain. for normal directory
browsing look different since you see real folder symbols.

personally i don't need the --use-shell way as default since i get used
to the menu way really quickly. but if you compare the --use-shell way
with nautilus preferences way then it's different. the --use-shell way
has the 'folders' (or should i say sections?) clearly defined on the
left side (like a panel).

> > 2. It has sepporate panes for launchers and settings which is much more
> > intuitive and eliminates confusion and disoriatation caused by the
> > nautilus version.
> What in particular is confusing and disorienting about the Nautilus
> version for you? 

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