Re: Schemas files shloud be editable or not ?

Christophe Fergeau <teuf users sourceforge net> writes:
> If the schemas files mentioned in this bug are .schemas files installed
> in etc/gconf/schemas, then yes they should be editable. The only reason
> such files are installed there is to provide sysadmins a way to tweak
> the default values for an app by modifying a human-readable file.
> section Schema files talks a little
> about that

Editing the .schemas files doesn't actually do anything - they are
just there so you can use them to stuff the factory defaults back in
to the default config source.

I thought the web site explained this, I should maybe work on
clarifying the text there.

Most likely the .schemas files should be in datadir instead of
sysconfdir, but that would be really painful to change at this point.


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