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This is a issue with the Ximain snapshots and is not 
relevant for discussion on this list AFAIK.

There has already been some discussion about this among snapshot users 
on the gnome forum at

In particular this thread:


Original Message:
From: CÚdric Marcone marcone mdeo fr
Date: 16 Jul 2002 17:06:22 +0200
To: desktop-devel-list gnome org
Subject: gnome-terminal

Hello all,

I just updated G2D from red-carpet and text in gnome-terminal is now
anti-aliased !

That's great, but I the font size is HUGE and I can't change it in the

I made a ldd and g-t is linked with libzvt. I thought that kind of
finctionality would be implemented using vte, which depends on
fontconfig and xft2.  

Help please, no terminal == death !!

CÚdric Marcone
Centre de Technologie
(+33) 4 72 07 92 93
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