Re: Schemas files shloud be editable or not ?

Christophe Fergeau wrote:

Le mar 16/07/2002 à 16:50, Christian Marillat a écrit :

Then yes or no ?

If the schemas files mentioned in this bug are .schemas files installed
in etc/gconf/schemas, then yes they should be editable. The only reason
such files are installed there is to provide sysadmins a way to tweak
the default values for an app by modifying a human-readable file. section Schema files talks a little
about that
No. If a system administrator wants to configure site wide defaults, they should set up a site wide gconf database in $(sysconfdir)/gconf/gconf.xml.defaults and make sure that it is in the gconf path. The schema files act as documentation for what is stored in the gconf database, and provide application defaults. They are not "config" files as defined by dpkg or rpm.


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