Deepa Chacko Pillai <deepa chacko wipro com> writes:

> Hi Havoc
> I compiled gnome-terminal with VTE (--with-widget=vte). gnome-terminal
> is crashing as soon as it is launched.


>   ---- called from signal handler with signal 10 (SIGBUS) ------
>   [6] iconv(0xffffffff, 0xffbee44c, 0xffbee4bc, 0xffbee450, 0xffbee444,
> 0xffffffff), at 0xfdb4082c
>   [7] g_iconv(0xffffffff, 0xffbee44c, 0xffbee4bc, 0xffbee450, 0xffbee444,
> 0xffbee471), at 0xfdcb80d0
> =>[8] vte_trie_add(trie = 0x155770, pattern = 0x137fa0 "^[[4~", length =
> 4U, result = 0xff1dcd94 "@7", quark = 638U), line 483 in "trie.c"

This backtrace looks a lot like someone isn't checking the result
of g_iconv_open(). (returns (GIConv)-1 on failure.)

There may be an underlying problem with g_get_charset() returning
bad results here or something, but an informative error message
would be useful in debugging that.


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